How to lose weight without gaining weight

How to lose weight without gaining weight

How to lose weight without gaining weight again? In this article we see how to lose weight in four simple steps, which are however very important and build the most effective strategy to lose weight without regaining it. Unfortunately, despite being simple and easy to understand , they are not observed by most people, who prefer to choose the diet of the moment rather than address these 4 things. All out of laziness.

But why is it so important to do these things? Because in this way we understand the winning and essential mechanisms for weight loss, and understand how to lose weight and maintain the weight achieved without effort.

The 4 things you must learn to do
1) ACT ON YOUR ENVIRONMENT: the environment is the first thing to change if we want to lose weight without gaining it. There is no point in going on a diet and then returning to old habits. But what does it mean, environment? It means the set of our habits, in fact, and in particular:

– our culinary / family tradition:
 if you continue to think of Sunday in “rich lunch” mode, if for you the Mediterranean diet means eating first and second courses for lunch and dinner with bread, main course, potatoes and side dish, or even the first, if you never change your diet, failure is just around the corner. Eat more fruit and vegetables and diversify our dietreduces the body’s craving for sweet and salty foods or fatty foods , making you crave fresh, hydrated foods more easily.

– the way we eat and think about food: food is nourishment, and not (only) a way to:
– occupy time
– make children happy
– celebrate and be with people
– stock up on junk at the supermarket
– do a “virtuous” lifestyle
– letting off steam
Most people, driven not only by greed but by a variety of reasons (for example: vegan diet as an ethical choice) make food marketing choices that are of little nutritional value, but that are passed off as healthy. Or he makes “greedy” choices, whereby the desire to eat automatically becomes the desire for a certain brand of biscuits or ice cream or snacks.
These influences can be changed by remembering that the body has nutritional needs.
Returning to the example of veganism: I can be vegan but attentive to my nutrition, for example by focusing on whole grains, legumes and natural products, or be vegan but linked to marketing choices, and opt for ready meals and industrial preparations that are healthy at most the label. I can be gluten free but by choosing the natural gluten-free: or by stocking up on preparations, biscuits, bread that has many calories and fat but low protein value. Likewise, I can be “Mediterranean” and eat snacks. I can change my taste starting from my choices:

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