How important is nutrition while breastfeeding?

How important is nutrition while breastfeeding?


After birth, it is a time of lactation. According to some dietician we should feed to new born baby within two hours of birth. After delivery a baby depend upon the diet of mother, because in exclusive feeding only breast feeding is allowed for first 6 months. In this article I will discuss about why nutrition is important in lactation, Infancy, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fat, Vegetables and fruits, Supplements and Diseases in lactation. This article will focus only on the nutrition in lactation instead of pregnancy. If you also want to know about nutrition in pregnancy, then click on this link and visit our article about Importance of nutrition in pregnancy:


Why nutrition is important in lactation:

As we know that during lactation and pregnancy infant nutrition depends on mother nutrition. If mother eats well, then baby will healthy. Amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, lipids, protein, and minerals is very important for the nutrition of baby. As well as adequate diet is also important for mother to heal wound. During lactation unhealthy women has unhealthy baby and healthy mother has healthy baby. Calcium and carbohydrates as well as zinc are most important during lactation.


Infancy is very important age in the life of a person it starts after two months of birth to 1 year. Some important reasons for balance diet in infancy are given below:

  • It is age of development and growth
  • In this age energy for a new born baby is very important
  • Nutrition in infancy is important for proper mental growth and brain development
  • Balance diet for infant is important to develop immunity in body

It is most critical age for infant. Nutrition of this age decides upcoming health of baby.


During lactation carbohydrates are important to attain energy. In lactation calories intake increases, due to higher breast feeding. So, carbohydrates are required for energy intake for mother as well as baby. As well as they give fibers. Fibers are most important to prevent constipation. They are also responsible to attain normal weight. Carbohydrates are also responsible for somewhat minerals, because whole grains are good source of iron.

During lactation 500 k extra calories required. During lactation kcal intake increase due to milk feeding. 100 ml milk gives 75 kcal.

Sources of carbohydrates:

  • Whole grains
  • Rice
  • Wheat
  • Potatoes


Casein protein founds in mother milk and most important for baby. It plays important role in bone development and growth of baby. We should not compromise protein intake during lactation, because during first six months after delivery infant nutrition is totally dependent on mother nutrition. If mother will not eat enough protein, then casein rate will reduce in baby.

Importance of casein in baby:

  • It is used to improve digestive system of baby.
  • It is also responsible for proper growth and development of baby.
  • It gives calcium and phosphorus in baby.

70 gram protein is recommended in lactation.


As we know that fat are responsible for different functions in body while their excessive intake may cause many disabilities. So, during pregnancy and lactation fat is recommended in low quantity. According to some researches fat intake in adequate amount increases breast milk.

Vegetables and fruits:

Vegetables and fruits are most important during lactation. We should intake vegetables that contain vitamin C and zinc, because these two minerals are most important for proper healing of wound. And these are also responsible for good health of baby. We should use also iron containing vegetables and fruits. Fruits are also responsible to give fibers. Those are responsible to prevent constipation and normal weight gain.


During lactation supplementation plays important role. It is very critical period for infant and mother, because we know that both are inter linked with each other. Nutrition of infant depends upon the nutrition of mother. Some important supplements are required during lactation. These supplements are given below but always remember that use supplements on the recommendation of a dietician. These supplements are given below:

Vitamin A:

It is responsible for the growth of different organs in baby, such as it is responsible for the development of eyes in and brain in infant. Actually this vitamin is used to activate a proper and efficient function in baby.


It is most important and recommended supplement in lactation. It is used for healing of wound quickly.


During delivery amount of iron decreases, due to the loss of blood. So, to fulfill requirement of body iron is recommended.

Note: Always use supplements after concerning with dietician, because they may harmful for you and your baby in excessive amount.

Breast feeding:

Mother feeding from breast to baby is called breast feeding. It is most important for the nourishment of baby. Many mother does not practice mother feeding due to thread of change in physical shape. But it is wrong all dietician and health consultant strictly recommend breast feeding for at least 1 year after birth. Even it in the 1st hour after birth it is recommended that baby should be feed with breast milk.

Importance of breast feeding:

  1. Some important benefits of breast feeding are given below:
  2. Mother milk contains all enzymes, antibodies and antimicrobial factors that develop innate immunity in body.
  3. It is most important for proper brain growth
  4. It is also most important for the good health of infant. And increase resistance against many diseases.
  5. Breast feeding is also involved in weight loss of mother and increase love and care for baby.
  6. Breast milk contains all nutrients that are required by a baby.


At the end in the light of above discussion we can say that nutrition during lactation is very important. We should eat healthy for healthy baby.


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