How can you lose weight? Today it is more difficult to do, says the expert

How can you lose weight? Today it is more difficult to do, says the expert

Dr. Meir Stampfer is a nutrition epidemiologist who is a Harvard professor, Dr. Stampfer has been studying diets for years, their success rate and why most people fail to lose weight.

According to reports, it is harder to lose weight today than in the past: if people maintain a stable weight over time, he says, it’s almost a miracle.

But how can you lose weight today? And why is it more difficult to do so today? 
The reasons why it is more difficult to lose weight today, according to the expert, are the abundance of tasty and captivating foods that can be found in supermarkets, restaurants, bars and cafes. At one time there was not all this choice, and people inevitably followed a diet that was always the same over time, i.e. with few foods available, and a seasonality limited to fruit and vegetables, so the only variant was that dictated by Mother Nature. Today, however, only if you are looking for a yogurt you have hundreds of different choices .

Postmenopausal women also have an added difficulty: their hormonal problems make it difficult to transform food into energy to live, and easier to store it in extra pounds.
Furthermore, eating is no longer just eating : it has become a gratifying act, we always eat, we eat with friends, we eat at many events, everything revolves around food. A person who is on a diet is therefore faced with a limitation of her freedoms. Precisely because the culture of food is prevalent. This causes people to give up on losing weight, so as not to reduce their quality of life.

So how can you lose weight today? Here are the expert’s advice. ( CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO )

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