Here is our complete guide on how to get all the trophies and the platinum trophy of House of Ashes, the new chapter of the anthology.

We finally arrived at the third stage of the Supermassive Games and Bandai Namco anthology. The Dark Pictures Athology: House of Ashes is like all the others an interactive adventure made up of different choices and paths to take, and therefore to obtain certain implications it will be necessary to perform specific actions. Precisely for this reason today we offer you our complete guide to all the trophies and platinum of House of Ashes ! Before focusing on hunting, we strongly recommend that you read our game review, or watch our video review ! First, we recommend that you complete the game at least a couple of timesand make the choices that come naturally to you, perhaps playing the first time with friends in Movie Night mode, and then in single player (by doing so you will unlock several trophies without even realizing it). In this way you will live the experience in the most genuine way possible and you will not spoil everything it has to offer. Second then, start your hunt!

The total number of trophies you will find yourself conquering is 31 (16 , 9 , 5 , 1 ), and it will take an indefinite number of playthroughs to get them. remember that in each mode you can create multiple saves , and once the adventure is over you can choose the scenes to play to get certain results. We also remind you that the difficulty of the QTEs is selectable , and will NOT affect the completion of the trophies: in some cases being able to play at the lowest difficulty will facilitate the player not to fail QTEs in certain key points. There are no truly missable trophies, but potentially almost all of them are, since any choice you make to get one may prevent you from getting another in the same playthrough.

ATTENTION: being House of Ashes a narrative game, all the trophies you will have to earn will be linked to actions strictly related to the narrated plot, and the complete platinum guide will therefore be littered with SPOILERS. We recommend that you continue reading only if you have already completed the first playthrough of the game.

What to do first

Basically we will repeat ourselves. As already mentioned in the opening of this House of Ashes platinum guide , the advice is to complete the title at least a couple of times on your own before looking for the trophies, preferably at least one in single player and at least one in the Evening. at the cinema with one or more friends. Enjoy the story and make your choices without thinking about the trophies, take note of the ones you will inevitably unlock during the game, and only later start the hunt.

A general advice, however, remains to explore as much as possible all the locations in which you will find yourself, to find as many collectibles as possible and not have to look for them in subsequent runs.

Once you have finished the game you can select which scenes to start from so as not to have to replay some of them that you do not need, but above all to take different paths to obtain the necessary implications for the different trophies that you are missing.

House of Ashes Platinum Guide

Bronze trophies

  • Couple erupted – Eric and Rachel died in the same explosion. | To get the trophy you will have to follow three simple steps, and remember that Rachel and Eric must clearly still be alive: 1) when Nick and Jason have to choose where to place the explosive charges, make your choice and remember it for later (example, placing the charges on the side); 2) In the scene of the assault, with Rachel you decide to retreat and not to shoot the machine gun; 3) with nick, you advise others to pass where you placed the charges, thus giving the wrong indication and making them explode.
  • The Thing – Eric helped Rachel get rid of her infection. | To get the trophy it will be necessary for Eric to have discovered the power of the UV flashlight against creatures: to do this it is necessary for Salim to discover the weak point of the creatures in the opening bars (so do not fail the soldier’s QTEs), and later, when you collaborate with him using Nick, don’t fail the QTEs and stealthily kill the beast so Eric can work on the autopsy. In the chapter “Strange Aeons” Rachel will have a seizure due to the infection: DO NOT make her commit suicide, and in the subsequent dialogues of her always pray to spare her, and then accept to be carried to the cocoon. Eric will use the flashlight on Rachel and make the parasite escape from her body.
  • Are you my technician? – Merwin fixed the radio. | Merwin will have to survive until the chapter where the marines launch the radio signal. In the early stages, don’t smother him using Nick. Next, don’t miss the QTE with the heartbeat, otherwise Merwin will be captured by a creature. Later on, don’t abandon him when he asks you to be left behind and take him with you. If you do all this, Merwin in the Signal chapter will appear and repair the radio, giving you the trophy.
  • Clear evidence – Eric discovered the unexpected effects of the UV flashlight. | First of all, with Salim, in the early stages, make sure that he doesn’t fail QTEs and that he discovers the effects of the sun on creatures. When Nick and Salim work together to kill and surprise the beast, have it die without failing the QTEs. Have Salim arrested. This way Eric will find the corpse of the beast, and in the next chapter he will use the UV flashlight on it during the autopsy (If you have arrested Salim, he will try to warn him, but Eric will use it anyway).
  • Clearance granted – Clarice killed Eric after contracting the infection. | When driving Rachel you will be in front of the cliff with Clarice, reassure her and tell her that you will discover together if the medicines will take effect, and in the next choice help her by throwing the rope. Later, during “The Signal,” respond in a resolute manner and don’t get Clarice to shoot, and on the second occasion, talk to Jason saying don’t shoot. During the Assault chapter, with Eric you reply that Clarice is one of you, and in the second choice you choose to say that there is still hope. At the end of the chapter, Clarice will automatically kill Eric.
  • Til Death Do Us Part – Rachel contracted the infection and killed Eric, or Eric killed her. | To get the trophy you have to make Rachel’s infection run its course. Arriving at the “Strange Aeons” chapter, prevent Rachel from committing suicide by stabbing the phosphorus grenade. In subsequent dialogues, save yourself twice. When Salim says about the cocoon, refuse to be brought in. Continue to play with the other characters as normal until Rachel attacks Eric and Nick on their escape. Whoever wins, you will have obtained the trophy.
  • Towards sunset – Salim has returned home to his son. | To get this trophy, during the briefing you will NOT have to request air support, and you must have Merwin die before the chapter “The Signal”, so that he cannot repair the radio. Finally, Salim must survive the game’s ending. Without air support, once he survives the last scene, he will not be captured and can return to his son.
  • Sword and Shield – Kurum and Balathu have decided to fight together. | During the prologue, while controlling Balathu, always choose to collaborate with Kurum.
  • Chekhov’s gun – Rachel used the machine gun. | Rachel will have to survive at least until the Assault chapter. When she is about to escape from the great hall of the temple, she chooses to shoot. From now on make sure you don’t fail any QTEs and you will get the trophy.
  • Straight to the Heart – Nick killed the ancient warrior with a stake. | When Nick and Jason find the stake stuck in a corpse, have Jason choose the option where he will say he prefers the shotgun so he will automatically give the stake to Nick. Later, towards the end of the game, in the Strange Aeons chapter you choose to have Nick continue placing charges and not retreat. Shortly after, when the Ancient will attack you, you just need to not fail the QTEs to kill him with the stake.
  • Rise from Hell – Rachel survived after rejecting both lovers. | To get this trophy you will always have to act so that Rachel is not too much on the side of either of the two lovers. At the beginning of the game, you decide to take a break with Nick, and then always be reluctant with both of them (e.g. feeling resentment towards Eric over cutting the rope). After the assault chapter, you will understand that both have been rejected through a special dialogue where Rachel will be clearer than ever. Make Rachel survive the ending.
  • Oorah – Eric and Nick have joined forces on the elevator. | To get this trophy you’ll need to make Nick and Eric the only survivors to get on the elevator in the Semper Fi (Strange Aeons) chapter. To do this, Rachel will have to die of infection or by bullets, or by suicide. After Nick places the explosives, you choose to go back with Jason to save Salim, but fail all the QTEs and kill both of them. This way Eric and Nick will share their moment on the elevator.
  • Think like a marine – You have made all the choices with your head (where possible). | As per the description, you just have to have a lot of patience and play an entire run making only choices that have the brain symbol.
  • We’re Not Alone – Completed the Prologue in Movie Night mode. | Trophy explained in the description.
  • Lost in Time – Rachel was not saved from her cocoon. | In the early stages, FAIL all QTEs with Salim so that he doesn’t know the creatures’ weakness in the sun. In the “Strange Aeons” chapter towards the finale, Don’t make Rachel commit suicide with the phosphorus grenade, and then always choose her option to save you, during the dialogues. This way she will be carried into the cocoon. In the endgame, kill everyone who is left alive and don’t let anyone survive so that no one can come back to rescue Rachel.
  • Vision from the past – Rachel witnessed the origin of creatures. | To get the trophy, Rachel must survive to the last chapter of the game, and she must be infected by a creature during the “Assault” chapter. During the “Strange Aeons” chapter she will begin to experience annoyances and then excruciating pain, and during these she will have a vision of the birth of creatures. (It is NOT yet clear what the conditions are for the scene to take place, perhaps it is linked to the collection of certain secrets).

Silver trophies

  • Let me try! – Three characters used UV rays to attack creatures. | Important:to succeed in the trophy you will need that the friendship level between Eric and Nick is good. First, it is essential that Salim comes to discover the creatures’ weakness in the sun, so in the special scene DO NOT fail QTEs with Salim. Step 2: Get Salim and Nick to work together to stealthily kill the beast WITHOUT FAILURE, so Eric can find the corpse and feel the flashlight on it and find out the effects (he will kill infected Joey with the flashlight). During the “Assault” chapter when using Salim, you must choose to shoot the creature that is attacking Rachel, then choose to save Eric, and Rachel will kill a creature with the flashlight). Step 3: Eric will give Nick the flashlight when he offers to place the charges to detonate the cocoons. When Salim uses the binoculars DO NOT analyze anything and do not warn Nick of the dangers. With Nick, you fail the first QTE with Nick, then choose to withdraw. Mesntre escapes pass the first QTE efail the second QTE , at which point Nick will kill the monster with the UV flashlight and you will get the trophy.
  • Exterminator – Salim killed five creatures with his spear. | During the various chapters Salim will often be attacked by creatures. During the whole narrative arc therefore always fight when possible, and above all do not fail the QTEs, it will be Salim who will give the final blows with the “spear” (you can play on the easiest difficulty, you will get it anyway). Don’t forget, don’t fail the QTEs when Nick and Salim team up to hit the beast from behind. Also be careful, collaborate with Salim and Rad in the chapter of the assault, do not let them tie up!
  • Randolph Hodgson Statement – Found all the fragments of Randolph Hodgson’s diary. | The pages of the diary are scattered throughout the various game chapters, and are part of the collection of secrets. Follow our guide dedicated to all the secrets to find all the pages of the diary. (arriving)
  • Last Survivor – Only one character survived the ending. | Kill all but one of the characters of your choice. The simplest way is to fail all QTEs in the final scene, except the ones dedicated to the character you want to survive.
  • Semper Fi – Jason went back to Salim and they walked to the elevator together. | Trophy explained in the description. In the final stages, if Jason and Salim are still alive, with Nick planting the explosives and with the collapses starting all over the area, when everyone starts running away Salim will end up splitting from the group and be left behind. To get the trophy, when Jason has to choose, have him come back to help Salim. They both have to survive and get back to the elevator.
  • Casualties of War – Found all black framed images. | As per description. The “images” or “premonitions” are quite simple to find, and very often placed at the end of alternative corridors or in the area where a certain scene begins. We send you to our dedicated guide to find them all. (arriving)
  • Omens – Found all the pictures with a white frame. | As per description. The “images” or “premonitions” are quite simple to find, and very often placed at the end of alternative corridors or in the area where a certain scene begins. We send you to our dedicated guide to find them all. (arriving)
  • Ghost Signal – Eric ignored Nick’s radio signal. | To get the trophy, you have to make Eric have a bad relationship with Nick (making them aggressive to each other is the best way). When Nick finds himself placing the charges in the Strange Aeons chapter, choose to have him advance instead of retreating. After the charges go off, he will try to contact his comrades by radio, but Eric will ignore the signal.
  • Veteran – Balathu killed twice with the spear. | The first kill will be made during the prologue : you don’t have to fail the QTE when Balathu launches the spear at the fleeing woman, killing her. For the second kill it will be ESSENTIAL that Balathu is the second to die in the prologue , and that the first is Kurum. You will have two chances to make the second kill … but you won’t be controlling Balathu: 1)During the “Assault” chapter when all characters have to defend themselves from creatures, Eric will be captured by Balathu who has become an ancient; You control Rachel, you have to save Eric, but when Balathu throws the spear at you you have to FAIL the QTE, causing Rachel to impale. 2) During the last chapter “Strange Aeons”, you have to choose to have Nick RETRIEVE and not have him place the last charges, second then you have to have Jason go back to save Salim when he comes back, and when Balathu throws the spear at Jason, fail the QTE.

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Gold trophies

  • Happy Ending – Five characters survived the finale. | Trophy explained in the description. Try not to fail the QTEs with the characters in danger of life, and try to recognize those that if completed could instead be deleterious and lead to death (at the beginning of the game with Jason for example, do not shoot the shepherd, or with Eric cut the rope by dropping Rachel a couple of chapters later, or in the last few chapters don’t hit the phosphor grenade with the knife using Rachel). Remember that once you have finished the game you can replay individual scenes, and maybe start over from the scene where you lost a character to carry it to the end.
  • Six Minutes of Darkness – No one survived the finale. | Potentially easier to obtain, however all characters must have reached the “The Light” chapter still alive. To get the trophy ALL 5 characters will have to die in the final scene during the eclipse. Take out the QTEs and the trophy will come by itself.
  • I don’t have time to bleed – You made it through the crypt with no lingering injuries. | You can get this trophy even if not all the characters are alive (maybe you could even get a subsidy). Make sure you get Joey’s medical kit with Nick while you are looking for him so that he can heal himself before going down to the crypt. For example, if Rachel and Eric died during the game before the scene where you have to survive the assault, Salim will not be injured (choosing to shoot the vampire who rushes at him and not the one who is attacking Rachel), and there ‘the only one to be treated will be Nick. Complete the crypt scene without anyone else getting hurt to get the trophy.
  • Dig into the past – You have found all the secrets. | As per the description, it will be necessary to find all the collectible secrets within the game (premonitory images do not count). You can consult our dedicated guide to find them all. (arriving)
  • Hope Is Last to Die – Completed the story in Play Solo mode. | As per description. Beat the game in single player mode.

Platinum trophy

  • Abode Without Secrets – Collect all trophies. | As usual, you will get it after conquering all the other trophies in the game.