Holistic massage, features and applications


Holistic massage, features and applications

Holistic massage: touching the body, stimulating the mind. What is meant by holistic massage and what are the benefits


Quality of contact, energy exchange , power of communication: all these factors come together in the massage. At each session the correspondence between the epidermis and the nervous system

is made sacred and honored : by touching a person it is possible to establish contact with his mind and communicate fully with the body.

What is meant by holism instead? The term holism comes from the Greek όλος , olos, which stands for ” totality “. Holism in medicine represents a “global” state of health, the union of mind, body, environment and society.

The search for health is oriented to the person and not to the disease , to the cause and not to the symptom, to the system and not to the organ, to rebalance rather than to cure, stimulating the body’s natural self-healing process .
When we combine the two terms we therefore have the holistic massage. 


Premises of the holistic massage

Holistic massage is a type of treatment created ad hoc on the person who receives it at that given moment . This does not mean that it is improvised, on the contrary it is the result of a great preparation that includes several techniques and that makes use of a sensitivity of listening to the body and its rigidity, breathing and its fluidity, heat and any energy blocks.

It is a treatment that contemplates a great capacity for observation by the operator, a ductility in manual skills and the competence necessary to perform a massage that is holistic because it is integrated: draining, decontracting, bioenergetic, reflexological …


Characteristics of holistic massage

Holistic massage works on three levels , three interconnected levels:

  1. Physical ;
  2. emotional ;
  3. rational .

Emotional stress, muscular tension, excess or lack of rationality can create a disturbing chain of human balance, damaging the natural homeostasis that each of us puts in place to survive the difficulties that life presents to us.

Technically, the holistic massage alternates a gentle and welcoming manual skill with a more sustained and profound one, to trigger an ever deeper relaxation process.

There can be various types of holistic massage because there is no real protocol , it depends on the recipient and on what is more appropriate to activate at that moment.

Sometimes it starts from the feet, especially if the operator detects a certain stiffness in letting go, or from the head, if the rational part is very alert.

When you enter into a more intimate exchange you can proceed to treat the hara , the abdomen, the deep seat of emotion ., but also of strength. There are also forms of holistic body-to-body massage, but they are very specific and particular techniques, of oriental origin, difficult to apply in contexts like ours.

Holistic massage usually uses circular movements , which stimulate or sedate the energy meridians and the systems connected to them.

How do you practice a holistic massage? On a bed, directly on the skin, using the hands, the simplest and most receptive tool.

A hot massage oil is the vector of manual skills , to facilitate the treatment, to which it is also possible to associate selected essential oils, to “speak” to the karmic sphere, to the atavistic memory of the hippocampus.

A holistic massage is a slow treatment , which can take 40 to 60 minutes and is performed on the whole body, on the front and back, from head to toe.

The benefits are many: the relaxing effect is guaranteed , regenerates the tissues, balances the energies, dissolves tensions. It can move certain emotional blocks , so reactions of crying or unmotivated laughter should not scare, these are energies that must flow, the manifestation of which is a signal of trust in the operator and lowering of rational control, the parasympathetic system  that it is thus stimulated and participates in activating the rebalancing of the 3 levels mentioned.


Who is the Holistic massage for?

The holistic massage is useful for those who live under stress and need an hour of escape, of total detachment from the rhythms and commitments that are pressing.
It is useful for  anxious people with diaphragm block breathing difficulties .

It is recommended for those suffering from insomnia , digestive difficulties, muscle contractures, inflammatory disorders of a psychosomatic nature such as colitis , reflux , neck pain, headache.

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