Hemorrhoids treated with herbal medicine

Hemorrhoids treated with herbal medicine

Hemorrhoids , already known in ancient times, so much so that Hippocrates already gave a first definition (from the Greek haîma , “blood” and rhéó , “flow”, with the meaning of ” bleeding “), manifest themselves as a  blood congestion involving the perianal area Let’s see the various herbal remedies to treat them.
1. Medicinal plants against hemorrhoids

>  2. The bud extractives

3. Essential oils against hemorrhoids
Remedies for hemorrhoids

The final part of the rectum is formed by  cushions  of highly vascularized tissue, with the function of regulating the  closure of the anal canal  and  fecal containment . This disorder therefore causes the  pads to dilate  and become  inflamed  , leading to prolapse and haemorrhages in severe cases. 

Among the causes are an  improper diet  (excessive consumption of fried foods, chilli, chocolate, alcohol), the use of spicy foods or a  sedentary lifestyle , constipation, pregnancy, hormonal changes, stress and smoking. The remedies used in phytotherapy for hemorrhoids are herbs and medicinal plants with  astringent ,  anti- inflammatory  and  vasoprotective action , which act on the circulatory system.

Medicinal plants in case of hemorrhoids

  • Aloe vera , thanks to its soothing and anti-inflammatory action, helps to alleviate the ailments related to hemorrhoidsIn fact, an anti-inflammatory action is attributed to the aloe gel and its healing properties are recognized. Aloe gel  can therefore be used for the treatment of hemorrhoids in the early stages thanks to its ability to heal damaged skin. In addition, the aloe gel hasa soothing action, calms inflammation, relieves pain and relieves itching. 
  • Horse chestnut : the seeds and the bark  contain saponins , the mixture of which is called escin , coumarin and triterpene glycosides, procyanidins, tannins and flavonoids . Aescin, in particular, represents the most important active principle and together with the flavonoids, gives the plant anti- edema  and  vasoconstrictive properties . In fact, this precious active principle is able to reduce the activity of elastase and hyaluronidase, two enzymes that attack the endothelium of the vessels and the extracellular matrix, weakening its structure. By reducing the activity of these enzymes, the vessels regain their normal resistance and permeability . For this reason, horse chestnut extracts are among the most widely used natural remedies for hemorrhoids.
  • Red vine : it is indicated in all forms of varicose veins, phlebitis, capillary fragility, couperose, edema, hemorrhoids, cellulite, water retention, blood stasis and heaviness in the lower limbs . The active ingredients, contained in the leaves harvested in autumn when they take on reddish shades, belong to the category of polyphenols , in particular of bioflavonoids (anthocyanidins and proanthocyanidins) and carry out an intense antioxidant and anti- inflammatory activity , but above  all tonic and vasoprotective, directed to the circulatory system, where they positively influence the vascular permeability, preventing edema and swelling.

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The bud extractives

  • Aesculus Ippocastanum : also useful for hemorrhoids theextract, obtained from thebuds, is used forstasisand venous congestion; not only because it carries out avasoprotective,phlebotonicandinflammatory, but because its mechanism of action is similar to abloodless bloodletting with a decongestant effect, which occurs through the improvement of the impaired circulatory function and this allows a betterblood flowfrom the vessels congested. Promotes the increase ofvenous tone, contributing to thenarrowing of dilated and tortuous varices. It can improve microcirculation, as well as having anti-bleeding properties .
  • Poulus Nigra : The black poplar buds contain an essential oil , glycosides (populoside, salicortin, tremulacin, salicin, etc.), flavonoids , organic acids, gum, resin, tannins and other substances. The bud extract reduces the spasm of the arteries of the lower limbs and promotes the collateral circulation of compensation.  It also has a modest anticoagulant and profibrinolytic action . In fact, the buds intervene on the vascular wall and regulate the sympathetic innervation and therefore, as mentioned above, are able to improve the circulation andarterial blood perfusion.

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Essential oils for hemorrhoids

In the topical treatment of hemorrhoids, essential oils  diluted in vegetable oils can be used, so as to be able to take advantage of the properties of both. In fact, to obtain an effective decongestant lotion  to be applied locally, we can dilute 2 drops of cypress essential oil in arnica oil to relieve inflammation and bring the vessels back in.

Arnica oil will carry out an anti-inflammatory  and astringent action on the circulatory system, while the cypress essence will act as a vasoconstrictor.

  • Juniper essential oil : grease a tablet wet with boiled water and allowed to cool with a few drops and apply it on the affected part, to stimulate the body’s production of cortisone, with a marked analgesic effect . 
  • Lemon essential oil : used in the treatment of hemorrhoids for the toning action of the circulatory system. The essence stimulates lymphatic and venous circulation, strengthens blood vessels and thins the blood . For these properties it is an effective remedy against disorders due to poor circulation such as heavy legs, edema, cellulite, varicose veins and capillary fragility and chilblains. 15 drops in 300 ml. of boiled and cooled water can be used for sitz baths.

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