Hair loss: which herbal tea to drink, diet and what to do in autumn

Hair loss: which herbal tea to drink, diet and what to do in autumn

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Ragusa – Hair loss is a symptom that can occur for several reasons. Not everyone knows that to alleviate this annoying problem you must first understand the cause and then try to reduce the fall perhaps by putting in part some small natural remedies, let’s see which ones. First let’s see why hair loss occurs. In some cases, however, the fall can be excessive, with losses that are really too evident. The causes can be different. For example: Season changes: during autumn and spring it is normal to lose more hair than usual; use of too aggressive shampoos and chemicals; The intake of certain drugs (especially chemotherapy drugs); Menopause; Pathologies (anemia, thyroid dysfunction, etc.); High-stress situations.

Hair loss: the importance of diet
The diet or nutrition you follow can help reduce hair loss, let’s see why. We must consider that the hair is nourished by the blood and the blood, in addition to oxygen, carries the nutrients (proteins, vitamins, mineral salts, etc.) that we assimilate through the consumption of food. For this reason, a nutritional deficiency can lead, as a first consequence, to a greater fragility of the hair. Sometimes the lack of mineral salts and vitamins does not depend on a poor diet, but on an intolerance to some foods that we introduce daily and which have the characteristic of inflaming the intestine, reducing the latter’s ability to properly assimilate the nutrients. All this means that, despite eating well, we continue to have deficiencies in vitamins, iron, magnesium. etc.. In particular, one of the most common foods to which we are all more or less intolerant is animal milk. The daily consumption of milk and its derivatives (therefore also cheeses, mozzarella, yogurt, ice cream, creamy desserts, etc.) due to the presence of casein, an indigestible protein for humans, can lead to intestinal inflammation, dysbiosis, anemia and major nutritional deficiencies.

It is also necessary to consider the hormonal component present in milk. The animal’s hormones can conflict with human hormones, creating a hormonal imbalance, which in turn can be among the possible causes of hair loss, but also of other diseases. The tests for intolerances leave the time they find, what I highly recommend you to do is to try to do without milk and derivatives for a certain period, to understand if the situation improves or not. Sometimes it is incredible what benefits can be obtained by simply eliminating a certain food that is harmful to us from the diet.

Hair loss and natural remedies: which herbal tea to drink
There are numerous valid solutions to strengthen hair in nature. Among these, the herbal tea with nettle, horsetail and rosemary stands out. To prepare the herbal tea with these herbs you need: 100 g of nettle root, 60 g of horsetail, 40 g of rosemary How to take it Boil two cups of water with a couple of tablespoons of herbs for about ten minutes. Leave to infuse about ten minutes after turning off the heat, then filter. Drink throughout the day, suspend the intake every 30/40 days and, if necessary, repeat the treatment after a twenty day break.
Hair loss: Rosemary oil
Among the natural remedies, Rosemary oil can also be used. It is a remedy to be applied directly on the scalp, to stimulate hair regrowth and to make it even softer and shinier. Since it stimulates the hair follicles and prevents premature aging, rosemary oil is in fact a terrific remedy for combating hair loss. Also after application, you will notice a clear difference between the before and after: after the treatment with rosemary oil, the hair will be visually brighter and softer to the touch. Rosemary oil is an excellent product for those with dark hair. For fair hair, it is better to use Roman Chamomile oil.

Rosemary oil: how is it used?
Just apply a few drops of rosemary oleolite on the hair, massaging the scalp well and also applying them all over the hair. It is left to act for about 15-20 minutes and then rinsed off with warm water.

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