Good habits to keep us healthy

Good habits to keep us healthy

Anna Villarini, Nutritionist Biologist at the Cancer Institute of Milan, talks about the World Fund for Cancer Research and the great report published in 2018 from which to draw inspiration for staying healthy.

Can we aspire to a healthy lifestyle despite the context in which we live?

The World Fund for Cancer Research in 2018 published a report summarizing the results of all scientific studies over the past 10 years. This colossal research makes it clear that some  of our lifestyles are not good for health.

One of the recommendations, in particular, asks to limit the so-called fast food foods , meaning in a broader sense all those industrial foods ready for consumption .

The problem with convenience foods is that they are over-processed and therefore lose much of their nutrient content .

Often, for example, they are made with very refined flours , deprived of large quantities of vitamins, mineral salts, fibers. These are foods that tend more to make us fat than to nourish us adequately .

What can we do to improve our lifestyle?

Dr. Villarini has a very clear advice for us: let’s get back to cooking! 

But how can we find time to get back to the stove, if our daily rhythms are increasingly frenetic and maybe we only come home in the evening? Watch the video interview to find out Dr. Villarini’s tips.


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