Gelesis100 is coming, a natural drug to lose weight

Gelesis100 is coming, a natural drug to lose weight

It is called Gelesis100, and it is the result of an Italian-American work, to put it this way : a new slimming drug based on a gel in capsule which, once ingested, would expand releasing gelatinous particles, in fact, capable of absorbing water and create a noticeable satiety effect, promoting weight loss. Basically, Gelesis is the answer in capsules to those hydrophilic and colloidal foods rich in chelating substances such as chia seeds, glucomannan, psyllium, algae, but much more powerful, so much so that it is at the center of a series of studies that they are seeing its effectiveness in reducing blood sugar and body weight, but without the side effects of other drugs or other methods (surgical, for example) of weight loss.
The principle is similar to that of bariatric surgery: to reduce the sense of hunger by acting on satiety in a mechanical way. In this case, with a gel that reduces the space in the stomach and therefore promotes the sense of satiety, allowing you to eat not only less, but remain full for a long time.

Pending FDA approval, let’s try to understand more of Gelesis100.
Produced in Italy, and precisely in Calimera (Le), but for a young start-up based in Boston, Gelesis, this natural drug is not really a drug, but a product that exploits the mechano-biological action of particular fibers. , in the form of a gel enclosed in a pill. Gelesis100 should be taken twenty minutes before eating, with a large glass of water.
Once it reaches the stomach, the capsule dissolves releasing the gel: the particles of this gel swell up absorbing the water, and therefore creating a strong sense of satiety that lasts for hours, until they pass into the intestine, increasing its elasticity naturally, they get rid of the trapped water and are easily evacuated.
Studies show promising results in patients who have lost up to ten percent of their body weight in six months by combining the intake of the product with a low calorie diet and increased exercise.
We therefore wait for the FDA to give the green light to this pill, healthier and more harmless than many other weight loss drugs that are now easily sold, and for Gelesis100 to become a reality within everyone’s reach.

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