For Chris Pratt’s new diet, prayers are needed

For Chris Pratt’s new diet, prayers are needed

You know Chris Pratt ?
He was a semi-unknown actor at the time of the TV series Parks and Recreations , likeable and decidedly plump. Then he slimmed down, doing a lot of gym first and then a low carb diet and intermittent fasting. He thus became the protagonist of some successful films, from Guardians of the Galaxy to Jurassic World.

Too bad that, like many other stars, to maintain a lean and sculpted physique, Chris Pratt has relied on drastic or trendy diets.
With the logical consequence that he has always gained weight.
You will say to yourself, at this point in the story, okay, but now he’s got his head right?
Did he rely on a competent dietician?
Not really, and maybe that’s also why we like certain Hollywood stars: they seem like us with more money and good looks, they are good on TV, but in private life they don’t get it right.

And in fact , Chris Pratt’s new diet , which he himself claimed to follow, is essentially a diet of faith.
In the sense that it is inspired by the Bible.
Now, this may seem unusual to you, but on Dcomedieta I have already written two articles on the diet of faith . In the United States, taking inspiration from the Bible for weight loss has been in vogue for several years.
And Chris Pratt threw himself into it.


His new diet is inspired by the prophet Daniel, who in the Bible essentially fasted by consuming only a few foods.
It is a 21 day diet, similar to the vegan diet but with much less food.

In fact, only foods that grow directly from the soil are consumed, therefore vegetables, fruit, legumes, but all the rest should not be eaten. No tubers for example because they grow under the ground. No dry foods. And water. Only water.
And of course the foods must be in the most natural form possible. For example, fresh legumes, only seasonal vegetables, nothing already shredded, cooked or prepared. No seasoning. Plus he trains.

To resist, Pratt says to rely on prayers.
But since he doesn’t know many prayers, he said to recite the 10 commandments for strength. In order not to regain weight, perhaps he must hope for a miracle.

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