Foods for weight loss in the summer: a guide

Foods for weight loss in the summer: a guide

If we want to lose weight, summer is often the best time, because the heat makes us eat less, and nature abounds in highly hydrating foods that can help us lose weight.

Today we see which foods to lose weight we must focus on in the summer. This will allow us to make a smart shopping cart and eat low in calories without weighing us down.
Here are the foods to lose weight in the summer.

summer slimming foods

  • Snacks with 200 grams of watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches or strawberries .

    These are four of the most low-calorie fruit varieties, ranging from 30-35 calories for melon and watermelon to 30-40 for peaches and strawberries. They are also particularly sweet and satiating, to be preferred, due to their water content, away from meals instead of other snacks.
    We combine a cold coffee without sugar and bitter if possible to balance the blood sugar.

  • More fish, shellfish and crustaceans for dinner.

    Summer is the time for grilling, but also one of the times when you eat more fish. If we want to lose weight, go ahead with crustaceans and molluscs.
    Mussels and clams can for example be eaten sautéed, without oil but with garlic, chilli and parsley or a pinch of pepper. A low-calorie and high-protein dish: 200 grams of mussels have 24 grams of protein, are rich in minerals and low in fat and have only 160 calories.
    Other dinner ideas can be: shrimp skewers, grilled squid.
    By eating crustaceans and molluscs we can make satisfying summer dinners without exceeding the 250 calories in all.
    To be combined with a fresh salad with a teaspoon of oil and a small slice of pineapple. Total 350 calories.

  • Carpaccio, dairy products and vegetables, quick omelettes for lunch or dinner.  

    Among other lean proteins, carpaccio (tuna, octopus, swordfish, bresaola), skimmed dairy products that are fresh and summer like cottage cheese, quark, quick omelettes that we can also make with just egg whites + vegetables.
    A portion of carpaccio or cottage cheese with a vegetable side dish or an egg whites omelette + an egg accompanied by tomatoes allows us to make a quick lunch or dinner of 250-300 calories.

  • Potatoes .

    They are preferable to pasta and bread in the summer, because 100 g provide about 90 calories, and 200 g of potatoes are a medium potato, more filling than 50-60 g of pasta but with 100 fewer calories. If cooked, boiled and dressed in salads with raw vegetables, it is perfect.

  • Beans.

    The classic bean salad with raw red onion, celery and tuna (if natural) is a summer must. Corona and Spanish beans are two summer passepartout that allow us to take in carbohydrates but also be full for a long time. They cannot be missing in our summer shopping. 150 grams of Spanish beans already boiled with a teaspoon of oil, apple cider vinegar, red onion, celery or cucumber and a small can of natural tuna is a complete 280 calorie dish.
    An alternative? These light hummus to eat with raw vegetables. 

  • Vegetables.

    Tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh salads, courgettes, peppers. This is the period in which to abound by eating them even every day, because they are rich in water and low in calories and allow us to satiate and drain. The calories in fact range from 25 to 9 depending on the vegetable chosen and absolutely must be eaten raw for intestinal health. We know that lycopene in tomatoes is better absorbed when cooked: so we buy more tomatoes and make quick sauces that we can then freeze.

  • Avocado.

    Although caloric intake is not to be underestimated (160 calories per 100 g), summer is the time for avocado.
    We can reduce the daily fat content by preferring skim dairy products, for example, but by adding avocado to smoothies and salads. We can also halve the share of olive oil. Avocado fats are equally monounsaturated, but we also have a lot of amino acids. A slice of sandwiches makes the filling creamier without the need for mayonnaise. In summer, try avocado toast for lunch.

  • Viscous fibers.

    Ideal for getting a little belly down! Beans are high in viscous fiber, but so are oats, flax seeds and chia. If we want to put a little belly down, viscous fibers can be our allies. We can make a chia seed pudding, make a cold porridge, which is obtained by mixing 3-4 tablespoons of oat flakes or oat bran with 150 ml of vegetable or skimmed milk or natural yogurt, a teaspoon of honey and pieces of fruit.
    It can be kept overnight in the fridge and enjoyed cold the next day, like cream, for breakfast.

  • Mint, oregano and basil.

    They are three aromatic herbs to be consumed fresh. Mint is digestive, purifying and antiseptic. Personalize your water or tea with mint leaves. Basil is a stress reliever and is very antioxidant. Oregano is useful for those suffering from a swollen stomach. Use it for bruschetta with old wholemeal bread, tomatoes or avocados, cottage cheese. An exceptional, light and healing lunch.
    After having seen which foods to prefer in the summer to lose weight, let’s see a scheme with these foods to follow from Monday to Saturday to lose weight without effort.

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