fast Fitness joins “MOVEMBER”

fast Fitness joins “MOVEMBER”

MovemberFoundation is an international charity committed to promoting a happier, healthier and longer life for men. Since 2003, millions of people have joined the cause for men’s health, which has raised 485 million euros and funded more than 1,000 research programs focused on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and physical inactivity.

fast Fitness adheres to this great cause whose participation in the communication field is increasing, achieving great results in the form of collaborative projects for the improvement of men’s health.

The Movember Movement is about getting people, clubs or businesses to join a campaign to donate money and show support. For this, teams are formed within these groups and the members who want to sign up must be integrated into those teams. These members, once registered, are called MO BRO or MO SISTA, and all of them can make donations through themselves and the team to which they belong, counting that contribution for a national and international ranking of donations. The biggest challenge is getting to be a MO HERO, which is achieved by reaching a number of collections.

The campaign for a MO BRO consists of shaving at the beginning of November and growing a mustache throughout the month, or growing a beard and growing a mustache on the last day of the month. While this is happening physically, you must campaign and raise funds, either with a piggy bank or in whatever way you see fit, while also making the Movement and the Foundation known. For the MO SISTA it is the same but without shaving, the one that does not have to.

If you want to participate or learn more about your possible involvement, consult your centers. Encourage you to participate with us!

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