Facial and cervical reflexology

Facial and cervical reflexology

In the face there are our habits, the physical form, the state of health. Facial reflexology, a specific zonal massage method, can be useful in the treatment of some common ailments such as cervical

Facial and cervical reflexology

Facial reflexology

Also known as Dien Chan or Vietnamese facial reflexology , this reflexology technique originates from Vietnam , thanks to the work of Bùi Quôc Châu, an acupuncturist of the 1980s. But facial reflexology is not that recent: in fact, interventions on the patient’s face were known in China and Japan as early as 5,000 years ago. What do these interventions consist of? Facial reflexology represents a specific zonal massage method applied to the subject’s face.

By massaging the reflex zones of the face, the facial reflexologist is able to treat disorders of organs and parts of the body. According to reflexology, in addition to the nervous system and the meridian system, our body is covered by a reflexological path according to which every stimulus is followed by an organic response . Each part of the body would therefore reflect the whole organism and each organ corresponds to a reflex point in a specific area of ​​the skin.


Good face to bad habits

In the face there are our habits, our physical form, our state of health. In short, our history and our daily life. Facial reflexology is very useful in the treatment of some common ailments such as cervical. Neck pain is almost always a sign of bad habits or incorrect behavior : it becomes acute when we are stressed, it does not give up if we spend hours in front of the computer, it torments us when we feel oppressed by a person or a situation.

Facial reflexology is able to combat neck pain , contractures, muscle aches and difficulty in moving the joints. According to the precepts of Dien Cham facial reflexology , the spine corresponds to the line of the nose . Touching the areas mentioned also acts on other points of the body where contractures due to cervical pain accumulate more easily. If the treatment alone is not enough, you can combine specific exercises for neck pain or continue the treatment even in sleep, using special ergonomic pillows designed specifically for those suffering from neck pain.

How is the neck treated with facial reflexology?


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A facial reflexology exercise for the neck

In your hands is the weapon against neck pain. How to use facial reflexology for the neck?

We propose here a simple exercise . 

The movements must be performed with the knuckles of the thumbs of both hands simultaneously. Brush the upper edge of the forehead and the hairline, from the center to the end, with small vertical movements.

Continue descending with the same movement, vertically, near the ears. Work around the nose with the same movements, both near the nostrils and along the line of the nose. From the nose, draw two curved lines that separate following the eyebrows. The movements must be repeated 30 times . Breathing during execution should be relaxed and deep, follow the movements and lines of the gesture . It should be thought of as a real self -treatment to be used every day, up to the dissolution of blocks and contractures. 

On the other hand, we always have our fingers close at hand and there is no need to put your nose out of the house!


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