Express ourselves fully to be happy

Express ourselves fully to be happy

We explore the theme of the “Pursuit of Happiness” or “Alignment to Happiness” through approaches that lead to this positive status in an autonomous and eco-sustainable way.

Express ourselves fully to be happy


It is very important to express yourself or, better said, a high part of yourself in every area of ​​life. This allows us to face any situation while keeping the energies high  with minimal effort.

Very often it seems not an easy speech to implement, especially if we go through laziness and procrastination.

In the image of the article we see a demon holding the wheel of  Samshara tightly to symbolize the difficulties that man goes through in reaching Nirvana or Paradise.

How to do?

Here are some ” Best Practices ” to get to the daily challenges with enthusiasm, courage and energy.

It is very useful to take some time for yourself every day, let’s say half an hour, and to carry out a daily practice that brings clarity of purpose and serenity to the mind . Better if we do it without any external distractions.

I know you were already thinking this, a very common example is Meditation . Even just 5/10 minutes allow us to access an altered state of consciousness and to re-think our life in a completely new way.

Another very useful thing is to Cultivate the relationships of our life  (friends, family, partners) with Presence, Attention and Active Listening   in order to keep them in good quality. 

A very useful question to listen from the heart and value the relationship is “What can I listen to in this moment? What can I understand / learn from him / her?

After the inside (me) and the outside (the others) it is excellent to practice some Practice that we consider High or Spiritual. Whether it’s dancing, climbing, painting or writing, allowing yourself this space provides Inspiration for us and others; a natural refill.

Taking this good energy, it is also useful to be concrete and put a part of these intuitions at the service of others in the way we like best. Volunteering, random acts of kindness, services on offer; you just have to choose.

So dedicating yourself to  Creating and Living in Health will be much more affordable. Because?

To do the above, it is essential to move outside your comfort zone  and here comes the act of creating and establishing Virtuous Habits , whether conscious or not.

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