Eugenia Silva dares to wear ripped jeans (that’s how they are worn after 45)

Eugenia Silva dares to wear ripped jeans (that’s how they are worn after 45)

  • Fashion trends. The most beautiful kaftan and a pink bikini, Eugenia Silva’s uniform to enjoy Fomentera
  • Looks. Eugenia Silva’s 24 hours, by day dressed as Mango, at night designed by Tamara Falcó

Eugenia Silva , has inaugurated the month of September showing off a perfect look for a return to routine without sacrificing comfort . The model has opted for a classic but infallible style with clothes that you probably already have in your wardrobe from previous seasons.

Eugenia Silva has combined a basic white T-shirt and an oversize blazer in navy blue and the star garment of the outfit: ripped jeans : a garment that gives that informal and more carefree touch .

If you are one of those who think that ripped jeans should not be worn after a certain age, you are wrong . And, like everything else, it depends on how you combine them ; The good thing is that it is such a versatile garment that you can combine it in a thousand different ways and with the footwear you want. From snaekers or boots for a more casual and comfortable look to loafers or sandals to elevate your style and add elegance. For this next season, we recommend that, like Eugenia, you try to combine them with a blazer , a basic white shirt or T-shirt and some high-heeled ankle boots.

These jeans are a high-waisted blue washed denim design , which seems like a success since they stylize the figure while adding a few centimeters visually. Its straight legs in the purest style of the nineties give it a retro touch but at the same time will give a very modern air to any look. You can get yours on the Zara website for 29.95 euros .

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