Let’s find out all the details of the Epos Sennheiser GSP 601 in this review dedicated to the high-end gaming headphones already available.

Among the best brands producing audiophile products, it is impossible not to mention Sennheiser . We are talking about one of the companies that has managed to give us indelible market pearls with its high-end products , always valid for many specific uses, which almost always have quite prohibitive costs in the face of their quality, able to satisfy the ‘user. However, Sennheiser has never been particularly accustomed to the world of gaming, and has decided to throw itself headlong into this through its Epos Sennheiser GSP 600 , created in collaboration with Epos . We recently got to grips with the Epos Sennheiser GSP 601, a re-edition of the headphones, as always with a high price, ready to avoid compromises when it comes to audio quality, and we want to talk about it in depth in this dedicated review.

Elite, but ready to offer quality

As it is possible to notice already in the unboxing phase, these present themselves in a slightly different way compared to the previous 600, at least as regards the coupled colors. The packaging is quite minimal and illustrates the main features of the product without hiding it, however avoiding an aggressive approach with regard to the colors and by opening everything you already have the pair of headphones in front of them . buy them. The minimalism continues, given that the package is quite sparse, and contains only the pair of headphones and two cables, apart from the classic illustrative manual. This is obviously the bare minimum to use the product on a PC(and not only that), but spare or additional bearings would not have failed.

Epos Sennheiser GSP 601

It must be said specifically that additional gadgets are not necessary, since Epos Sennheiser GSP 601 offer in their 390 grams (really not a few) all the answers to the needs of users, and will hardly manage not to leave amazed some players who are going to use them. Speaking of the cables in the package, we are dealing with two 3.5 mm jack connections , while the first offers a single output for phones and consoles, the second has two for use on a PC, as it must be connected to the ‘input for headphones and that of the microphone (or, if the user prefers, to only one of the two). That’s right, because the Epos Sennheiser GSP 601they are also compatible with PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, but we will talk more about their performances later.

This time the design embraces the elegant and modern black and white colors , thus offering a product apparently not suitable for video games, easily confused with other professional equipment. The dimensions are far from contained, given that we are talking about 105 x 240 x 220 millimeters, but despite everything it is a very comfortable product, designed to hug the ear and does not cause excessive pressure on either side. In fact, as you can guess from the images, the classic trolley not only allows you to adjust the height of the pavilions according to the preferences – and needs – of the users, but also towards the center or the sides, thus distributing the weight where you prefer. In this way, we can assure you, the tonnage (also given by the quality of the materials) does not disturb during use , even for continuous sessions of several hours.

As far as quality is concerned, we already have proof from unboxing that the Epos Sennheiser GSP 601 certainly do not want to end up breaking, as they are built with a mix of hard plastic and metal both of the highest quality , and really resistant to falls. As for the pavilions, these have really been taken care of by the company, and are almost a miracle of isolation. These are in fact soft and comfortable thanks to the memory foam, however they do not cause sweating and do not stick to the skin, as they are made with breathable material, which however perfectly isolates the sound.to ensure maximum immersion during use. The product could be quite bizarre during the first sessions as regards the feeling, either for the dimensions, or for the bearings, but getting used to it is really easy and takes little time.

Epos Sennheiser GSP 601

Not for all palates

Moving on to the qualities of the Epos Sennheiser GSP 601 in this review, however, we must specify that – despite being compatible on consoles – they cannot in any way be connected without a cable ., and may therefore not be the perfect choice for most users. To guarantee the quality present in the headphones, the company obviously had to make this choice, considering the difference between the performance of the wired devices and the bluetooth connections, and we can confirm that for the final result it is all in all a necessary evil but more than acceptable; provided that your workstation obviously allows a comfortable use. The additional cables act as extensions considering that the headphone output, with sleeveless and resistant material, cannot be disconnected, and it is therefore good to be careful not to break it.

Moving on to the technical side as regards listening, we find an impedance of 28 Ω and a response frequency of 10-30,000 Hz . The microphone features a response frequency of 10-18,000 Hz with and a sensitivity of -47 dBV / Pa . As already mentioned, the audio quality is nothing short of superband it is impossible to remain unhappy during use, even for the most refined ears. For some users, full support for plug and play may also be essential, even if the absence of software that allows you to move around with the settings is a little upset. It must be said that with the basic setup, the use of video games leaves no way out for imperfections, but the most demanding users could obviously notice qualitative discrepancies with other uses, such as for films and music, as it should be.

The headphones have the fantastic feature of the flip-up microphone , which once positioned at the top turns off and stops capturing the audio, acting as an extremely comfortable and intuitive mechanism to change, as well as easily detectable even while wearing the headset. The audio output is also well thought out, as all background noise is removed to make room for the voice, and the output sound is crystal clear.

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