Do you love chocolate? Try functional chocolate!

Do you love chocolate? Try functional chocolate!

There is a lot of talk about the properties of dark chocolate , of the fact that with its mix of good fats, reduced sugar content and rich in antioxidants, chocolate is good for the heart, mood and even the figure. Yet, when we talk about superfoods, that is functional foods (which enjoy particular nutritional properties) some berries, some tropical plants, some spices, some types of infusions or honey or seaweed come to mind, but chocolate is not the first thing we think about .
Instead, there is the so-called “ functional chocolate“, A chocolate that is a true wellness supplement, because it is enriched with herbal or fruit extracts, vitamins and mineral salts, but also with fibers for those who want to lose weight and are looking for a satiating and dietetic product. In short, it has nutraceutical properties . In some cases it is a 100% dietary supplement, in others it is a chocolate enriched with other “beneficial” substances.

The only drawback? The price , which makes it a one-off thing to try, especially taking into account that dark chocolate is a functional food in itself, the important thing is that it is extra-dark.
But if like me you love chocolate and want to try it, here’s where to find functional chocolate: it’s good twice and plus, well, it’s chocolate! In the links you can find where to buy it online.

 L’Angelica has recently launched the “ Buonisssimo ” product, a chocolate in bars or spreadable cream in various versions that have different nutritional properties. From the one that improves cognitive and memory performance, to the one that provides more good mood to that for weight loss.  Each bar is enriched with mineral salts or plant and fruit extracts. You can find it here:  ANGELICA CIOCCOLATA

2) The FUNCTIONAL CHOCOLATE OF MODICA SABADÌ: It is called Sabadì, it is a brand that produces Modica chocolate and functional Modica chocolate, that is, with special properties. The “Beauty” one with linseed, carrot and blueberry extract, the “Youth” one with rosehip, green tea and açai extracts, the “Health” one with pomegranate. There is also what promotes, he says, a better sex life! What’s more, it is Modica, so its particular cold processing gives it further properties. You can find it here: Sabadì Organic Modica Chocolate .

3) CADICIOC, chocolate for intestinal regularity: it promotes satiety and intestinal regularity, nourishes the good bacterial flora and helps to deflate and reduce the waistline, it is anti-inflammatory. All this thanks to glucomannan. You can find it here: Cadicioc .

4) VITACHOCO DELLA MERITENE: If you take vitamins and mineral salts supplements, why not try them in the form of chocolate? The chocolate rich in micronutrients is Vitachoco della Meritene, which must be taken as a supplement (i.e. a mini-tablet a day). Both in the milk and dark version, this chocolate is useful for supplementing the diet of young people, the elderly, athletes and people with nutritional deficiencies. You can find it here : Meritene Vitachoco .

5) CHOCO-HEALTH, THE CHOCOLATE FOR BACTERIAL FLORA : it is a chocolate enriched with fibers, enzymes, spices, without sugar but sweetened with stevia, which makes it even more interesting. The Choco-Health line includes spreadable cream, cocoa beans, bars and tablets enriched with oil seeds and dried fruit, spices, lactic ferments and inulin, but also a higher content of flavanols, a type of flavonoids, or particular antioxidants.
You can buy it online in their shop here .

What if we did it alone instead? 
Here is a chocolate and matcha truffle recipe that is a great healthy snack.

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