Do you like to eat sweets? Do this before a meal

Do you like to eat sweets? Do this before a meal

Do you like to eat sweets? Do you have a penchant for chocolate, cakes and biscuits that make it difficult for you to follow a weight loss diet without going overboard?
According to a recent study, eating sweets at the beginning of a meal and not at the end may be a way to consume fewer calories throughout the day.

A group of researchers has in fact noted that people who love sweets can include them in their diet as long as they start the meal with a sweet one.
While we’re used to thinking of dessert as closing a meal, starting the meal with dessert can be an effective weight loss trick.

On the contrary, the researchers found that those who at the end of the meal tend to choose a dessert, even low-calorie or very small, to reward themselves and not go overboard, end up being hungrier and feeling more sacrificed in their choices, with the risk of perhaps failing. the day after.

Therefore, low-calorie sweets or small portions of sweets do not help those on a diet.
On the contrary, starting the meal with a portion of the dessert you love the most allows you to eat much less later, and feel gratified.

The research results were published in the  Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied.

But how to apply this makeup in everyday life?
It is impossible to ask, especially to us Italians, to start the meal with a slice of cheesecake instead of a first course or a salty meal. However, there are two possible solutions that other studies have determined to be effective, and which are in line with the findings of this study.


The solutions.

Solution number one. Eat sweets for breakfast.

Preparing at home or buying a dessert that we especially love, but reserving it at breakfast time, can be a way to eat much less during the day. An example is that of the Pie Diet. For breakfast you eat a dessert of about 350-400 calories, for example a large croissant with cream or Nutella.
At lunch and dinner, you eat less, but there are snacks throughout the day. This diet is very simple to follow and allows you to be able to lose weight without sacrifices. For those who love chocolate, another solution can be Dr. Sorrentino’s Chocolate Diet. 

Solution number two. Eat sweets instead of lunch

A dessert such as cheesecake or a portion of tiramisu can replace a meal, lunch or one in which you eat more carbohydrates.
It can be preceded by a portion of raw vegetables, such as a pinzimonio or a salad. Protein is eaten at dinner, with a 130-gram portion of meat or fish or two eggs or a plate of legumes and a generous portion of vegetables dressed with a little oil. For breakfast, a low-fat yogurt, a coffee and a tea and a slice of bread with a teaspoon of jam. For a snack, a small fruit in the middle of the morning and at dinner.
This solution can also be done twice or thrice a week, without ruining the diet.

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