Costume fitting: how to prepare?

Costume fitting: how to prepare?

How to prepare for the swimsuit test without extreme diets or worse still buy supplements online that can harm us? And how important is the swimsuit fitting for us?

How to prepare for the costume fitting?

The answer is: it depends. If by “swimsuit” we mean the whole summer period, when we want to look good in light summer clothes and not just in swimsuits, these are the sensible things to do.

  1. Eat a slightly low-calorie diet by halving the plate of pasta for lunch and preferring more vegetables to complex carbohydrates .
    For example, a rich salad instead of a plate of pasta, or a DIY substitute meal plus mixed salad with lemon juice and a teaspoon of oil. Or a protein bar plus a plate of grilled vegetables. This way you will always feel like you’ve had a meal but have only eaten 250 calories. By sticking to the other two meals you can be sure that you will have a negative but not restrictive calorie energy balance.
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  2. If your goal is to look good on a vacation and you have a week or two of wanting to lose more weight, you can try an intermittent low-carb diet or a low-carb diet set up as follows.
    First week with 100 gr of carbohydrates (two fruits of your choice of 100 gr, vegetables and vegetables in quantity, from one two dairy products a day such as yogurt and for the rest meat, fish, eggs plus a tablespoon of oil as a dressing)
    Second week with less than 50 g of carbohydrates (80 g of fruit, only green leafy vegetables in quantity, a 100 g dairy product per day, and then meat, fish, eggs plus seasoning)
  3. You cannot tone up and lose weight at the same time, unless you are severely overweight. Toning means gaining muscle and NOT improving skin tone. So whatever activity you choose to do, you can’t focus on toning up in the summer if your goal is to see the scales drop quickly.
    You can do high-intensity bodyweight activities to boost your metabolism 2-3 times a week and focus on activities each day that allow you to burn more calories in order to lose weight. So running, brisk walking, etc. to do every day for at least 40 minutes but without overdoing it. This will allow you to increase energy expenditure without lowering your metabolism too much.
  4. Skin care.
    This is essential for having that firmer skin effect that many women confuse with muscle toning. An emollient oil should be put every day together with a firming cream to be applied in the morning.

Not recommended: 
– more drastic weight loss that will make you assimilate everything you will eat thereafter
– thermogenic and fat burners
– two cups of green tea a day, a multivitamin, a natural draining agent.

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