Californian flowers for children

Californian flowers for children

Californian Flowers are vibrational remedies that can be helpful in supporting children and their behavioral difficulties. They are very specific to correct emotional imbalances of various kinds.


Flower essences can have a wide use in pediatric age , because children are able to receive more effectively the vibrational frequencies emanating from the energy of the flowers infused in water. 


Californian Flowers as well as Bach Flowers work on the human energy field and are useful remedies to harmonize emotional states , promote mental well-being, correct unbalanced attitudes.


California Flowers are very specific . They also deal with extremely current aspects, allowing you to use the most targeted remedy or synergistic remedies to correct the discomfort.
Let’s see some of the most common problems among children and which Californian flowers can be the most suitable.


Californian flowers for hypersensitive children

There are very delicate and sensitive personalities , who can also be affected inadvertently with extreme ease. Sometimes they are insecure , shy , fragile children , unable to face reality because it is too hard for them. 


> Buttercup : it is the golden buttercup, the Californian flower indicated for those insecure children , who have little self-esteem, unaware of their abilities. 


Often they are problematic children, with not only insecurities but real inferiority complexes , for which others are always better. Buttercup is the Californian flower useful for supporting the inner light, for recognizing one’s talents. It is useful for children with learning difficulties , suffering from dyslexia , dyscalculia who therefore feel inferior to others. 


> Golden Yarrow : it is the yellow yarrow, the Californian flower indicated for those children who are too shy , who are intimidated in front of others, who allow themselves to be inhibited by situations and are unable to express their personality. 


It is a useful flower for children with an artistic vein, too exposed to judgment and who, as children, do not yet have a protective armor that can shield their sensitivity.


Californian flowers for children with emotional deficiencies

There are children who, due to particular family conditions, feel they are not accepted or loved by their parents and end up feeling wrong. 


Baby Blue Eyes : it is the Nemofila, a blue wildflower, the most Californian of the Californian flowers . It is the Californian flower indicated where there are “wrong” , despotic, or completely non-existent father figures. 


The child does not feel protected, loved, supported, comforted by a reference figure as important as that of the father. The child comes out insecure, hardened , always on the defensive, to protect himself.   


Baby Blue Eyes children are wary, elusive, and for this reason they prevent themselves from expressing their creativity. The Californian flower Baby Blue Eyes helps to recover innocence and trust , to recognize positivity in others and strength in oneself and in one’s beliefs. 


Mariposa Lily : it is the yellow calocorto, a Californian flower indicated in case of relational difficulties with the mother figure . The child experiences a condition of frustration and inadequacy because he does not feel loved and often manifests this discomfort with hostility towards female figures.  


An emotional desert is created which can also be due to the removal of the mother due to a divorce and with it it also takes away the maternal sense. Mariposa Lily helps to instill that tenderness that she had hardened , to develop greater sensitivity with confidence, to regain trust in others and to allow herself to be cared for. 


Californian flowers for overly submissive children

Californian Wild Rose : it is the Californian dog rose, the Californian flower indicated in case of lack of reactivity, apathy . Overly submissive children who do not know how to react to the provocations of their peers and passively accept. 


They are children who struggle to be part of a social group , do not know how to provide their contribution and are not aware of their talents. 


Californian Wild Rose helps you to discover your own worth and strengths , to awaken energies you never thought you had; it arouses interest in life and in others. 


Cayenne : it is the flower of the chili pepper, of the capsicum, it is the Californian flower indicated in case of lack of stimuli , when everything is disinterested, and the approach is phlegmatic . 


These are children who are often complacent, listless, without energy, slow both in movement and in learning. Cayenne helps to stimulate the will , to unblock almost stagnant conditions, too passive attitudes, for fear of new experiences. Cayenne is also a useful remedy in stages of change such as puberty , in which there is a physiological transformation. 


Californian flowers for children with physical problems

Penstemon : it is the bell-shaped flower, a very small variety with a blue color, which grows in very difficult environmental conditions. It is the Californian f iore indicated in case of physical difficulties , handicaps that limit movement and that can also weaken the will, the fortitude and stir up a sense of victimhood and pessimism . 


For children with these difficulties who feel inferior to others, unable to react with strength and courage Penstemon is the right remedy, useful when you feel that life has been unfair , when you have to resort to the deepest forces to support a condition of discomfort . This Californian flower gives the courage to accept and resist .


>  Shasta Daisy : it is a large daisy, the Californian flower indicated in case of inability to consider oneself intact , to see oneself much more than a handicap. 


Shasta Daisy is useful in all those cases where discomfort takes over and becomes the only subject of one’s life, because one has a fragmented and too focused vision. Shasta Daisy favors the evolutionary process , stimulates awareness , favors the holistic vision of body, mind, spirit, intellect, soul. Help the child to see beyond the difficulty, to see himself as a human being with many virtues.


Californian flowers for restless children

Chamomille : chamomile, the Californian flower indicated in case of hyperactivity . It is useful for those restless children , with sudden, very capricious mood swings. 


Also useful for people who are always on the move because they are hyperkinetic, anxious and very sensitive, who somatize their agitation in the stomach and suffer from insomnia . Chamomille re-harmonizes priorities , emotions , relieves anxieties , calms agitation and intemperance. 


Dandelion : it is the dandelion flower, suitable for children who have many commitments, are subject to emotional and physical stress , school, sport, music, a dense dense agenda that is too programmed, which exhausts their strength and urges the adrenaline response too much .


For this type of condition, certainly of anxiety, Dandelion favors greater listening to the body and soul , eases tensions, helps not to

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