Burn 100 extra calories with these foods

Burn 100 extra calories with these foods

We will call this bacucco trick “the fiber trick”: that is, we know that fibers are satiating on the one hand, and that the body does not assimilate their calories on the other. For example, if we follow a low-calorie diet, we can avoid counting green leafy vegetables or broccoli, rich in fiber , in the daily calorie count.

But there is more. Eating a diet rich in fiber helps us to assimilate less calories than other foods, especially fatty foods : we can save up to 100 more calories per day simply by increasing the consumption of fiber. So far we are talking about things that are already known.
But, according to scientists, some foods that contain fiber make us burn more for another reason.

Something about the basal metabolic rate. 
According to this study by Tufts University , in fact, if instead of eating traditional baked goods and sources of complex carbohydrates of the refined type (made with white flour, pasta or rice, although the pasta is made from durum wheat, fettuccine and bread) , replacing them with whole grains in grains, including barley, oats, and with products made from 100% wholemeal flours (quality, that is, real wholemeal), our daily calorie expenditure would increase by a few percentage points more. This is because, according to the researchers, whole grains improve metabolism ( source ).

Burn 100 extra calories with these foods

Replace 00 flour with whole wheat flour, spelled flour, or, for gluten-free options, buckwheat flour in the dough.
These flours will need more liquid. then reduce them by about 50-80 grams in the recipe.

Use de-oiled almond flour in place of traditional almond flour in recipes involving almond flour.

For breakfast, eat All Bran cereal, Weetabix, or fiber-rich biscuits. Alternatively, wholemeal oat flakes or muesli with dried fruit without added sugar are fine. Instead of classic rusks, try Wasa Fit slices (blue pack).

You can eat konjac shirataki, edamame or bean vermicelli, legume pasta, buckwheat pasta or wholemeal pasta instead of regular durum wheat pasta. Alternatively: quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice.

Add a teaspoon of chopped chia seeds or flax seeds or a teaspoon of psyllium cuticle to yogurt or fruit.

Munch on a raw carrot or half a fennel from time to time throughout the day.

Use rye bread, barley or oat bread, fresh (unpackaged) wholemeal bread instead of wholemeal bread.

Have we found the answer to the extra pounds? Not so soon.
If we have gastrointestinal problems, increasing the consumption of fiber (for example if we have diverticula) can be a bad idea.
This is why it is good to talk to your doctor if we want to increase the consumption of whole grain products.
Burning 100 calories a day while eating is a great thing: as long as you don’t swell your stomach.