Breast cancer: prevention in Ispica with Confagricoltura Ragusa

Breast cancer: prevention in Ispica with Confagricoltura Ragusa

Ragusa – The Ragusa Provincial Health Authority has signed a collaboration with Confagricoltura Ragusa which provides for the possibility of hosting an information campaign for the prevention of breast cancer in the associated companies, with the opportunity for workers to book screening. Last year there was the first meeting with a company belonging to Confagricoltura and this year we start again with the company “Natura Iblea – Paniere Bio” – contrada Marabino CP 19 – ISPICA – Friday 4 February – 12.00. Present the general manager, Angelo Aliquò, and the Breast Unit Team of the ASP of Ragusa. An initiative designed to promote and motivate women workers to do prevention.

In fact, thanks to oncological screening, most cancers can be diagnosed at an early stage thus making the therapies much more effective and resolutive. Prevention therefore remains the best ally to counter the onset of this pathology. An important path that foresees future initiatives also with other companies in the province of Ragusa.

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