Body butter, when to prefer it

Body butter, when to prefer it

Everything you need to know about body butter: the ingredients, the characteristics, the benefits for the skin, how to apply it and at what times of the year it is recommended.

Body butter, when to prefer it

Body butter contains highly moisturizing ingredients , for example coconut butter , shea butter , jojoba oil , beeswax, olive oil and apricot oil .

A good body butter is emollient, moisturizing, firming and protective. If you want to be sure you are choosing a good product, remember to  check its INCI and, preferably, opt for an organic butter  .

Thanks to its composition, body butter creates a barrier between the skin and external agents , protecting it from aggressive environmental factors such as pollution and cold. 

How to use body butter

Body butter has a semi-solid consistency . In order to apply it well, therefore, it is advisable to take advantage of the heat, perhaps spreading it on the skin that is still warm after a bath or shower , before going to sleep.

Since this is a very fatty product, to spread it at its best it is important not to overdo it in quantity.

Body butter is a very inviting beauty product, because it is soft and velvety. It is also excellent for massages and as a post-depilation treatment .

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In which parts of the body to use butter

There are several formulations : some are suitable for more general use, others are aimed at a specific part of the body.

For example, a butter with beeswax can be a good product for protecting the lips from cold and dehydration, especially in winter. It can also be applied to the face and décolleté , when the skin is particularly in need of nourishment.

Body butter is also suitable for treating the feet , applying it anywhere (including nails) after a nice foot bath.

Of course it is excellent for the hands which, being one of the most exposed parts of the body, particularly need to be protected and hydrated; again, don’t neglect your nails.

The elbows and knees are generally the most critical areas when it comes to hydration; treating them with butter is usually a good idea.

When to use body butter

A good moisturizer is always effective, whether it is oil, milk, cream or butter. The body butter, however, is especially indicated when the skin is very dry and chapped or flaky.

Being a particularly rich formulation, it is especially suitable for the colder months . During the summer , lighter formulations are preferred, such as dry oil and milk.

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