Before you love another person, love yourself ..

Before you love another person, love yourself ..

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Many people, for various reasons, find it easier to love others than themselves.
Love is mistakenly thought to be a natural feeling, in reality it is a skill that is learned.But where do we learn how to love?
We can learn this by watching our parents love each other, we can learn it from our friendships and even from the books and movies we watch.Each of us then creates a more or less realistic idea of ​​what it means to love.
But the most important aspect where we can really learn what love is is the experience of how we love ourselves.
I asked myself the reasons and what are the reasons that can really convince myself that loving yourself is a good idea to love others later.1. You can’t love yourself if you don’t know who you are.
Loving yourself means doing things that make you happy. Take some time to understand what you like, what are your values, your passions. Those who do not love themselves will always have the need to fill a void and will try to do so also through romantic relationships.2. Before loving someone, it is important to have satisfying relationships. One way you can learn to love and feel good is with friends.
Friendships enrich our life and make it more beautiful. Our life must be like this before we decide to share it with someone3. Appreciate the time spent in your company.
We are most of the time stimulated by social media or engaged in something to the point that we have lost touch with our thoughts at times.
Researching and appreciating time alone can enhance the time shared with a partner even more.4. Address doubts about yourself and your fears.
In some cases, professional help may be required to do this. In fact, we are not always objective and rational when it comes to ourselves. Shedding a light on aspects of us that have long been neglected can be a good way to make sure that that aspect no longer affects us in present day relationships.If you liked this article, feel free to share it and tag a person who can help

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