Balance Diet | How to take balance diet

Balance Diet | How to take balance diet:
Balance diet is most important for proper body functioning and to achieve good health. It is a process in which a person ingests, digest and absorb essential nutrients from food. So it is most important to add all essential nutrients in meal. If all nutrients are present in meal then it is balance diet. In this article I will completely discuss about diet, balance diet and food groups. So if you want to take balance diet then read this article till end.
What is balance diet?
If all essential nutrients in adequate quantity present in meal then it is called balance diet. It is most important good health and proper functioning of body. Essential nutrients are most important for the physical and mental health of body.
Importance of nutrition in our body:
Growth and development:
Proper nutrition is most important for optimal growth and development. Because nutrients are responsible for growth and development.
Immune system:
Adequate nutrition is responsible to increase power of immune system and develop inate and acquired immunity in body.
For mental health:
As we know that healthy mind has healthy body. So, nutrients are also most important for proper mental health.
Nutrition is also important for maintenance of body functioning. Many Enzymes required some essential nutrients for their function.
Food Groups:
Food group is a collection of foods that share similar nutritional properties. Nutrition guides typically divide food into different food groups and recommend a standard serving from each group for a healthy diet or to assess the food intake of the public. These food guides usually guide you to have enough and standard portions of all important nutrients in your diet. There are many food guides usually ranging from 4 to 11 but the most popular one out of them is the food guide pyramid. There are also some common food or nutrition groups other than food guide pyramid.
If you want know more about Food Group than click on this link and read our article.
Food guide pyramid:
Food guide pyramid was introduced by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 1992. It is the most popular one among the all nutrition or food guides.
Description: Food guide pyramid is a graphic depiction of a healthful diet for sedentary adults. This consists of 6 segments representing one food group in each.
According to Food guide pyramids important food groups are given below:
Sweet and Fats
Milk and Milk products
Meat and Poultry
Fruit Group
Bread and Cereals



Balance Diet:
If meal contains all these food groups then it is called balance diet. An adequate percentage of portion of these groups is given below:
Fats, Oils and sweeteners:
They should be low in servings. Because their excessive use is bad for health.
Milk and Milk products:
2-3 servings should be taken in per day.
Meat and Poultry:
2-3 servings should be taken in per day.
3-5 servings should be taken per day.
2-4 servings should be taken per day.
Breads and Cereals:
6-11 servings should be taken per day.
Importance of Balance diet:
Some important salient features of balance diet are given below:
For Good Health:
Balance diet is most important for good mental and physical health, because balance diet contain all food groups. And these groups are important in:
Carbohydrates: Energy giving
Proteins: Involve in growth and development
Vegetables, Milk, Vitamins and Minerals: Important to prevent from diseases.
At the end we can say that balance diet is most important for our health as well as our mental health. Balance diet composed of all nutrients or all food groups. We should always intake balance diet.

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