Bad breath and a protein diet!

Bad breath and a protein diet!

One of the first problems of the protein and fat diet is bad breath , and this would be enough to convince you never to do it, for any reason. Now the easy lesson of “cutting bread and pasta so I lose weight” has done its damage, with people who gorge on proteins and fats by eliminating carbohydrates and then get bored of the diet (regardless of the results) and gorge themselves on carbohydrates . Here, friends. If your breath smells like it’s straight out of the wedding banquet of the wedding of the century, and tastes of acid, indeed, of rancid, your protein / fat diet is leading you straight to acidosis, that very harmful thing for which there are supporters of the alkaline or alkalizing diet on the other side of the fence. The thing that causes acetone and that is a sign that your liver is getting tired. There. Acetone comes from an excess of fat and is fought with sugars. Children with acetone are usually given fruit juice.
I don’t want to tell you what to do with your life and your diet: I am not a dietician, I like to keep this blog and I assume I have a healthy style, I am slim and fit, I have a faster metabolism than I used to and I have not been on a diet for a long time. I am convinced that we all need to eat less sugar and carbohydrates, personally I don’t think a high-fat and high-protein diet is the solution

If you believe otherwise, here’s how to solve the “bad breath” thing:
– drink a glass of water acidulated with lemon juice every morning;
– drink a probiotic for breakfast: kefir water. Either yogurt or another type of probiotic.
– when brushing your teeth, remember to rub your tongue well too.
– chew fresh mint and use mint or cinnamon gum.
– in moderation, use cinnamon in milk and in dishes that allow it.
– in your protein dishes, abundant with aromatic herbs: basil, mint, marjoram, thyme.
– green light to fats? Okay, but choose quality and raw: the drizzle of olive oil on the baked sea bass for example. 

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