Away 3 kg in a week on the 1-2-3 diet

Away 3 kg in a week on the 1-2-3 diet

A fast and effective diet to lose 3 kg in a week? Try the 1-2-3 diet and you can lose weight.

Designed by the British Terri-Ann Nunns , famous in England for her 1-2-3 method that allows people to lose weight permanently in a year, this diet is a cleanse , or a rapid detoxification regimen.

Terri-Ann is in fact famous for weighing 55 kilos with her method and having then perfected it with nutritionists to create a slimming program aimed at all women and in particular mothers.

She is also co-founder of the “ Diet for busy mothers ” method .

Its diet has no contraindications, apart from being monotonous, and is an ideal diet to eat before or after holidays or holidays .

In this way you do not gain weight or lose the weight gained with a few days of high-calorie diet and full of cheats.

The Nunns diet plan to lose 3 kg in one week is based on a scheme with variations.

In addition to the diet, you need to drink 10 glasses of plain water during the day.


The diet consists of 6 small meals.
We eat little but frequently.
The diet must not exceed 14 days: this means that it can only be replicated once.

Sugar-free coffee or tea.
A chopped kiwi or 100 grams of blueberries with 3 tablespoons of white skim yogurt, cinnamon and stevia.

A box of large natural tuna or 150 grams of shrimp or 100 grams of baked cod with herbs and spices but without oil, mixed green salad in free quantity and lemon juice.

125 grams of chicken breast or 100 grams of grilled turkey or veal breast, plus 100 grams of broccoli or spinach boiled or steamed with lemon juice.

As an alternative to the choice of lunch or dinner .
You can opt for an omelette of 170 grams of egg whites with a teaspoon of parmesan, salt, pepper and a handful of parsley or other fresh herbs, cooked in a non-stick pan, plus the vegetables indicated.

After dinner.
A cup of hot water with a little lemon juice, stevia and ginger.

You can choose three per day.

I recommend adding one for breakfast, one mid-afternoon and one after dinner, preferring fruit to the rest.

  • 2 thin slices of bresaola and a peeled cucumber or half a fennel.

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