8 things a massage therapist needs to know (two are key)

8 things a massage therapist needs to know (two are key)

What are the 8 things a massage therapist needs to know ? And the two that are really fundamental to his work?

There are many things a massage therapist needs to know but two are absolutely essential to make sure they do their job at best.

In fact they are so important that your massage therapist, no matter what massage course he has attended , how many years he has studied or practiced, will never be a real massage therapist.

But first I make a list of the things that are still important to know.

8 things a massage therapist needs to know

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1. Anatomy

Knowledge of anatomy is certainly important to understand where the muscles are and which muscles we work on.

Now you will think that this thing is fundamental but in reality anatomy has been studied for 40 years unlike the 3000 years of massage history .

So yes it is important but it is not fundamental.

2. Physiology

Certainly it is important to know the study of the systems that regulate our body and how they work.

This makes us a better practitioner but it is not essential for massage.

3. Kinesiology

The study of muscle functions is very interesting.

How could a massage therapist do their job well without knowing how muscles work, you ask.

And in fact it is very important but, as for anatomy, for millennia it has been done without, so we don’t have all this reason to know kinesiology.

4. Massage can hurt

It is certainly important to know that massage has a very low injury rate, less than 0.1 percent.

What if i’m pregnant ?

If you are pregnant there are massages that are very good in the first trimester.

What if I have a blood clot in one leg and I get an embolus

These are not contraindications, these are fears.

The massage, it is good to know, if done by expert hands who know what they are doing, it does not hurt.

You have to find the right people, so it is certainly not essential to know that massage hurts in some cases, also because this is not true at all!

5. Germs everywhere

But who said that germs, bacteria and viruses are dangerous during a massage?

We certainly do well to worry but it is not true that bacteria are transmitted in the massage, especially if there is hygiene (which then, forgive me, but it is the fundamental thing to expect when having a massage in a professional studio).

6. The technique

So maybe this is what is fundamental for a massage therapist: the technique.

If the masseur does not know how to use his hands, you say, he is not a good masseur

But no, it’s not even that. Because with practice, more than with the study of technique, we learn a lot.

The 2 most important things the massage therapist needs to know

7. Good hands

Yes, this is exactly what is essential: good hands. Because good hands are a gift, which can then be improved with technique and practice.

8. Good heart

You have to have passion. The massage therapist must have a big heart and a beautiful energy that comes up from within.

It can also be a very stressful job if done at high levels and for a long time.

So it is only the predisposition towards the client and the work that makes the masseur a good masseur.

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