7 kg in 7 days, here is the drastic hotel

7 kg in 7 days, here is the drastic hotel

More than a resort, it looks like some kind of torture place.

A place where people are happy to pay 1200 pounds a week, or the equivalent of around 1300 euros, to eat black cabbage, get insulted and spend their time in disparate physical activities and painful beauty treatments to lose weight.

And not a little: those who manage it promises their guests to make them lose 7 kg in 7 days.

Exactly like the 1986 film starring Carlo Verdone and Renato Pozzetto.

But unlike the film , this place really exists , so much so that they decided to shoot a documentary there.

It’s called Slimmeria, and it’s a hotel bar resort in Sussex, England, now the star of a British TV series, the “Extreme Diet Hotel”.

The brilliant idea, so to speak, came to the entrepreneur Galia Grainger.
Sixty-year-old thin woman from Uzbekistan who believes that “what doesn’t kill you makes you lose weight”.

She promises to make her guests lose 7 kg in 7 days and even more.
A client of Galia would have lost over ten kilos with the entrepreneur method.

The method consists of a diet of salads, broccoli and sugar-free herbal teas for the daily menu, with work in the garden, running, farm work, afternoon marathons.

All controlled and not only by the entrepreneur, who personally takes care of her guests making them wake up early to the sound of a cowbell.
And she taking them to the countryside all day while she whips them with a riding crop.

The mistreatment inflicted would serve, explains the entrepreneur, to make guests cry , literally.
Outbreaks of crying are encouraged as part of the weight loss and healing process.

But that’s not all: Galia personally takes care of sifting through the rooms in search of hidden food .
And as if that weren’t enough, she searches guests every day, looking at their pockets, their socks, their bras.

The diet that would lose 7 kg in 7 days, during which there is no known stop from forced labor in the fields, consists of an apple and a glass of orange juice for breakfast, salad for lunch, a fruit and a tea as a snack, raw vegetables and salad for dinner.

The alarm clock is at a quarter past seven.
At half past seven, guests drink a calorie-free detox juice and walk until ten in the morning, when they can finally have breakfast.
Then they do fitness, yoga, beauty treatments, and fitness again until nine at night, when they go to bed.

Galia doesn’t think 450 calories from a diet is a problem.
She was an obese ex herself, and she says she lost weight thanks to her grandmother’s strict diet advice.
She also admits her a little sweet treat.
In fact, a slice of dehydrated apple and a grain of raisins are given every now and then to the most deserving guests.
If you thought you had seen everything in regards to diets, now you can change your mind.
There is never an end to the worst!

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