4 tricks to lose weight that work

4 tricks to lose weight that work

Strange weight loss tricks that work?
Here are the four tricks that The Doctors show hosts revealed to their listeners.
Do they work to lose weight? Well, they certainly don’t equate to a diet, but they certainly allow us to eat less and burn more.


  1. Stay in the cold for a while.
    It is useless to cover up too much when you are at home, or to turn on the heaters to maximum. One less sweater (the important thing is not to uncover too much), an extra walk when it’s very cold, a home heating that is not excessive, a burst of cold water after a hot bath. All things that activate body thermogenesis by stimulating brown fat and allowing us to burn a little more calories.
  2. Sit at the table.
    The position in which we sit at the table, for example at a table with friends, allows us to eat more or less. It must never be central, to avoid inducing us to serve ourselves too many times from the plates. The ideal is to sit at the end of the table. It will make us eat less.
  3. Put a mirror in the kitchen .
    Nervous hunger? Do we lose control when we sit at the table? We place a beautiful full-length mirror in the kitchen. Perhaps an unusual piece of furniture where we cook, but according to many, very useful. Just watch yourself when you eat to suddenly have more control over how much you eat. From the series: am I really the one you’re gorging on?
  4. Cooking with spices.
    Spices, and especially chilli, are not only healthy, but they allow us to perform a double function as regards the diet. In fact, they enrich even the simplest dishes with flavor, allowing us to satiate ourselves more, and activate thermogenesis, in the case of spicy spices.
    The stew can be transformed into a spicy curry, the eggs try to cook them in a fresh tomato sauce with a lot of onion, a drizzle of oil and chilli.
    A diet dish that will make you feel very hot all of a sudden!

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