4 makeups that always flatter from 50

4 makeups that always flatter from 50

In our search for the most flattering makeup from the 50s, we put our beauty magnifying glass on four of the most flattering celebrity looks from this decade. Among the infallible keys, a luminous makeup base with a treatment that perfects your skin, eye shadows or eyeliner that opens the gaze and creamy lipsticks in shades that always flatter.

Julianne Moore with luminous gray eyeshadows and skin ...
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As time goes by, when it comes to makeup, less is more. And even more so from 50 , the age in which we need to enhance the luminosity and condition of the skin and bet on highlighting the areas of the face that favor us the most. From the eyes with eyeshadows that make us look more open and relaxed, to a lipstick that makes us look our best.

Gisela Bosque , National Makeup Artist at Sephora , gives us some tips so that concealers of dark circles , mascara or eye shadows become your best weapons. For example, when choosing concealer, choose a lighter and more fluid one and apply it to the inner half of the dark circles to cover the darkest part. If you are one of those who make up with eyeshadows, avoid browns and choose grayish, pink, beige and nudes that are more flattering.

Do not forget to highlight or make up your eyebrows to give that feeling of having them thicker because they frame the look and with the passage of time they refine and add years on top. “Always use an eyebrow pencil a shade lighter than the natural color so that they are not too harsh and fill them if necessary with fiber gels to achieve that thick effect”.

Do not forget to make up your eyelashes because the more curly, the more youthful the appearance of your eyes will be. And when it comes to painting with eyeliner , the crow’s feet and the folds do not facilitate the application, but if you do not want to do without it, there is a trick that does not fit to surprise you. The makeup artist recommends “raising the chin and looking down so that the eyelids are semi-closed and then drawing the line with a very fine liquid eyeliner”. In addition, we have searched for four celebrity looks to inspire all your makeup beyond 50 but they could work at any age.


Julianne Moore is faithful to a natural makeup with a pink touch that always enhances the features.GTres Online.

Actress Julianne Moore always inspires us with her hair and makeup looks. At the Toronto Film Festival , she inspired us with a luminous evening makeup with a slightly pink foundation that brings light to her skin. The pink touch of the very subtle blush on the cheekbones and gray eyeshadows with a metallic effect with a subtle eyeliner on both eyelids blurred very well and mascara to highlight your eyes.


Maribel Verdú opted for an eye makeup with blurred eyeliner, one of Dior’s bets for this season and that she favors so much after 50.GTres Online.

Another make-up that we love from 50 is the one that Maribel Verdú has worn at the TVE gala to present the Ana Tramel series with Dior products by Gabriel Llano . Focused on highlighting her eyes, the actress bet and won with her smoky eyes in bluish black that enhances the expressiveness of the look without overloading it, thanks to a wise combination of shadows and black pencil or eyeliner, mascara and very well drawn eyebrows. . All this, with a make-up base with treatment active ingredients and skin treated with facial oil for fresh and juicy skin. And the mouth, in very moisturizing nude tones so as not to lose focus on the eyes and clothes.


Naomi Watts focuses on raising the color of her lips with an ultra-natural and juicy makeup.GTres Online.

The key to Naomi Watts ultra-natural makeup is to take great care of her skin with the help of facialist Joanna Vargas to show off a look with a luminous and very flattering makeup base that also rejuvenates her a lot with her haircut. The key is that you also use an illuminator or a creamy concealer to create those points of light in the area of ​​the dark circles for a rested look for a fresh and natural result and in the upper area of ​​the cheekbones or under the ciliary arch.


We love Aitana Sánchez-Gijón with red lips and eyes framed by eyeliner.GTres Online.

A very subtle touch of eyeliner, a highly treated skin and a fluid makeup base that gives the effect of a second skin are enough to achieve a makeup look as appealing as the one Aitana Sánchez-Gijón wears, which looks so well with her. her short hair . The key is to put a touch of thicker eyeliner on the upper lid to open the eyes and a touch of mascara with a red lip that changes everything.

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