10 recipes of draining and purifying detox waters

10 recipes of draining and purifying detox waters

How do detox waters work and why try them? It is a combination of water and fresh infused vegetables, fruit or herbs, with the addition of spices. Put everything in a jug, preferably with a spout that acts as a filter, and let the ingredients rest in the water for at least 8 hours, in the refrigerator. Those who do not have a carafe can purchase a special filter bottle, excellent for taking out too, in BPA free plastic.
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Then the carafe is taken out and the water content is drunk throughout the day.
The ideal is to start drinking a first large glass half an hour after waking up, and then continue with the intake of another 4 glasses by lunch and 2 glasses in the afternoon.

Detox waters should be drunk essentially from early morning until early afternoon, when the body’s draining capacity is at the highest levels. The calories are negligible.

What are the properties of detox waters?
The ingredients of the detox waters release antioxidants, vitamins and minerals into the water thanks to the cold infusion. It is essential that the fruit and vegetables are organic, well cleaned and washed, because in the recipes they are used including the peel. They are draining, purifying, regulate intestinal transit, deflate the stomach and are a great help for weight loss.
Below you will find the best recipes to try them.
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What if you don’t have time to prepare them?
Since they are very easy to prepare, if you don’t have time to make them at home, today you can buy sachets online to dissolve in water to get a detox water.
Among the best on the online market, those of Waterdrop , and MAGRIFIT DETOX sachets .
At the supermarket you can find those Vitasnella.

DIY detox waters: 10 recipes from D as a diet

  1. Detox water with chia seeds .
    It releases omega3 and fibers that improve intestinal regularity, has an anti-hunger effect.
  2. Anti-cholesterol water.
    It is taken in the morning and before meals for one month.
  3. Dr. Oz’s Swimsuit :.
    A detox water developed by Dr. Oz’s nutritionists.
  4. Detox water by Jillian Micheals.
    This water is ideal for reducing water retention and for those with cellulite problems.
  5. Cumin Seed Slimming Water .
    To be taken especially before carbohydrate meals, including snacks.
  6. Cleansing with watermelon and cucumber water.
    Fresh and summery, this water is ideal for those who drink little. Strongly diuretic and anti-inflammatory thanks to ginger and citrulline.
  7. Metabolism booster .
    as an adjunct to a low-calorie diet, it improves metabolism.
  8. Lemonade deflated belly. 
    This marvel stimulates diuresis, intestinal regularity, is anti-inflammatory. From morning to fasting.
  9. Turmeric cold water.
    A very spicy iced tea, to be drunk for 40 days to relieve the body and improve liver and intestinal purification.
  10. Detox water for skin cleansing. 
    A special water to improve impure skin, purifying the liver and excretory organs.

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